We have designed a set of Site Optimization Tools in your Web Hosting Control Panel for you to very easily advertise your sites online. Our sitemap generation tool can help you get a precise sitemap of your web site. On top of that, you can easily upload that sitemap to the search engines to index your website. The RSS News publishing software will help you to produce regularly refreshed information on your front page so you’ll get much better opportunities to rise higher in search engine listings. At the same time, we’ve provided a GeoIP re–direction tool that will allow you to approach your customers a lot more accurately in line with their physical location.

A Sitemap Generator

Get a sitemap with all of your web pages in a mouse click

The best way of getting your newly introduced site indexed in the search engines is to submit a sitemap. The sitemap offers all the webpages on your site and by posting it to a search engine, you inform it that you’ll want those pages to be crawled without delay. Sitemaps are usually made by third–party tools. Nevertheless, with us, you no longer need to navigate from the Web Hosting Control Panel. Our inhouse built Sitemap Generator is incorporated into the Advanced Applications section and is going to set up a sitemap for you with a mouse click.

Everything you should do is select the max number of web pages you need to be indexed, the depth of the scanned URLs and also the extension of the sitemap data file.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Geo location–based redirections with just a click of the mouse

Free Website Builder - Website--Builder.Com gives you an easy way to re–direct your site visitors based on their location. Via the GeoIP re–direction application, you could reroute all visitors who arrive from a certain area to a native language version of your website. For instance, in case you have an Italian variant of your website, you can quickly forward all of the customers coming from Italy to that web page in contrast to asking them to move to Italian as soon as they visit the English variation. This will help you offer your site visitors with a user–friendly on–line experience from the very beginning.

It is not necessary for any specific skills or technical comprehension to work with the GeoIP redirection application. It’s all set up with only a click.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Show the most current news within your website

In the Free Website Builder - Website--Builder.Com Web Hosting Control Panel, we have incorporated an instrument, which enables you to add news from the most well–liked information sites on the planet in your sites, with just a mouse click. Our News Publication application operates automatically and won’t demand any additional setup work on your part,

The RSS News Publication module is easy to customize with regards to HTML and CSS. You’re able to adjust the number of information pieces that will be presented, the way that they will appear like, how they will be formatted, and so forth.

RSS News